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Font Friday: Jane Eyre Photo

29 Oct

Oh my goodness!!! I stumbled upon this pic today and am in LOVE with it.

I love that it’s a vintage book.
I love the the story.
I love the colors.



DIY Thursday: Unique Autumn Wreath

28 Oct

Hey blog friends! So Elise has been posting TONS of DIY’s (Do It Yourself) on her blog, A Beautiful Mess, and I just HAVE to feature some of them on my NEW DIY Thursdays!! Also, I’ll sprinkling in some recipe posts along the way b/c recipes are also kinda DIY’s :)

This DIY was found here. (PLEASE leave a comment letting me know if you will try this and if you have tried this…I can’t wait to make one!)

All you need are scraps of fabric, ribbon and a wire hanger.

#1: Carefully unfold the wire hanger and twist it into a circle shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you won’t see the wire once we are done.

#2: Begin tying scraps of fabric to the wire with a simple knot. (Scraps of about 7 inches will be best).

#3: Continue tying scraps varying the color and type of material. Push the knots very close together and twist the fabric around the wire to give the wreath dimension.

#4: Once you have completely wrapped the wire, add a ribbon around the main frame and tie with a bow.

#5: It’s ready to hang on your wall for the rest of the season!

This DIY was created by Elise Blaha.

Top Picks for Fun, Business, Dress and Casual Wear

26 Oct

Hey Everyone!! I’ve been SO distant from my little blog here but I’m kinda starting to catch up on my projects which mean MORE blogging :) Currently I am finishing up 2 online web stores, 3 websites, 3 logos, 2 brochures, business cards, a massive catalog, book cover, posters and flyers for an event, and several other things I haven’t started yet. I’ll be posting the finished pieces as soon as possible!

So…I took this fun fashion quiz from InStyle and found these really great outfits. These are my TOP picks for myself in the following categories:

BUSINESS (I’m a designer so my business look isn’t super “businessy” – Also…it even has hoops, which I wear daily!)

CASUAL (LOVE all of this…especially the tank)

DRESSY (All of the item in this pic are Burberry…how could you go wrong with that. The shirt with the jacket blows me away, though!)

FUN (I am a huge fan of color and prints so I love this outfit…especially the beautiful green watch!!)

Candy Apples

23 Oct

This post is just for fun! If someone would have asked me what Candy Apples are …I think I would have assumed it was the same as a Carmel Apple, but NO…it’s totally different :) Check out this recipe below. I found it here.

adapted via Martha Stewart
makes 6 medium or 12 mini candy apples


* Unsalted butter, for parchment paper
* 2 cups sugar
* 3/4 cup water
* 1/2 cup light corn syrup
* 1/2 teaspoon red food coloring, (optional)
* 6 medium apples, or 12 lady apples


1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; butter parchment, and set aside. In a medium heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine sugar, 3/4 cup water, corn syrup, and food coloring, if using. Bring to a boil over high heat; reduce heat to medium-high. Insert candy thermometer and continue to boil until temperature reaches between 300 degrees and 310 degrees (hard crack stage), about 20 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, insert a wooden stick into the top of each apple, pushing about halfway through; set aside. When mixture reaches temperature, immediately remove from heat. Working quickly, dip apples in sugar mixture until completely coated. Transfer to prepared baking sheet; allow to cool.

Snapshot Sunday: Janelle Monae

17 Oct

I just LOVE Janelle Monae. Her music is amazing and her face is SO expressive. Her’s a few of my favorite pics of her.




You can find her music here.

Office Space Saturday: 3 Styles

16 Oct

I found these photos on another blog post and fell in LOVE with at least one thing from each style.

The SOFA office:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sofa and the Laptop Stand!! I’m not usually that into yellow, but this is beautiful! Also…do you recognize that little yellow Pantone Mug from my post on Tuesday?

The WARDROBE office:
#1 LOVE all the green…it’s perfect. Also I’m crazy about the little light hanging down.

The DIY office:
I really like the asymmetry and how the red compliments the neutrals.

Free Font Friday: Hand-picked by me

15 Oct

Happy Friday!! This has been an insane week for me but I’ve enjoyed. I hope you all love these 4 fonts I’ve chosen for this week.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Logo Thursday: Clothing Companies

14 Oct

Good morning fellow design friends :)
I hope you all are getting a great start to your day and I look forward to getting some feedback from you on my posts. I found these 3 logos that I love for all different reasons. They are all for various Clothing Companies. I LOVE how fun and young the first logo is and the 2nd one is more classy, while the last one super feminine and really young-looking with that little crown.

Logos found on Logopond.

I Want That! Wednesday: FREEBIE

13 Oct

Today I have a cute card for you to download, print, and mail off to a friend. I’d LOVE to get into the habit of mailing things. Is there really anything better than opening the mailbox and seeing mail from a friend…

You can download the card here.

Latest Book Cover Design: College Audience

13 Oct

Recently I had the opportunity to design a book cover through New Leaf Publishing for the author Ray Comfort. He focuses on Apologetics, Atheism, and how to share your Faith. He also wrote the book, The Way to the Master, with Commentary by Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains.

The Book I designed the cover for is called “The Defender’s Guide for Life’s Toughest Questions. It covers topics like:
·      If God exists, why didn’t He kill Hitler before he killed six million Jews?
·      The Bible not only condones slavery, it encourages it!
·      The Old Testament doesn’t even mention Hell. Its mythology, invented by Christians to rule by fear.

Here is the cover they chose:

Here was another of my concepts that focused more on the word “GUIDE”:

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