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Color Trends Tuesday :: ChirpChirp Pattern

24 May

I’ve been following Pauline H. Grayson’s blog for awhile now and as I was searching for a new color trend I came across her design that you can use for a blog, notecards, or lots of other things. It’s available for purchase in her etsy shop. I am a  HUGE fan of grays and this is beautiful how it combines it with pink and yellow


I WANT That! Wednesday :: Cave Hotels

12 May

Can you IMAGINE staying at a beautiful “hotel” like this?? WOW!! This place is found in Cappadocia, Turkey. Awhile back, Rifle Paper Co. posted the photos below.

Color Trends Tuesday :: Minty Fresh

11 May

Lately, I’ve been in love with this cool minty color! Check out the awesome places you can find this color. The two images below were found on a couple different blogs. Click on the names above the photos to find out more info about each product.



I WANT That! Wednesday :: Flower Enamel Picnicware Collection

4 May

I am buried in catalog work and somehow, I accidently saw an email from REAL SIMPLE where I found this AMAZING little collection that I just HAVE to HAVE someday!! I’m in LOVE!!

I love vintage.  I love colors.  I love patterns. I love tea.

Sigh…. :)

You can find them at VivaTerra online.

Clarion Hotel Website

2 May

Below is the new design for the Branson Clarion Hotel’s Website. They have an animal print/jungle theme so we incorporated that into the design. You can check out the complete site at

Creamy Veggie Soup :: Dixie Stampede Style

2 May

Are there any fans of the Creamy Veggie Soup from Dixie Stampede out there??? Well, I am a HUGE fan of this stuff!! My friend sent me this recipe so I thought I’d pass it along. It’s perfect for all this cold rainy weather we keep having!

**Not actual photo of the soup, but it looks similar :) Source is here.


4 Tablespoons Butter
4 Tablespoons Flour
1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder
1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/4 teaspoon Pepper
1/2 teaspoon Salt (I use a little less)
1 Tablespoon Corn Syrup
2 Cups Chicken Broth
2 Cups Half and Half
1 Cup Finely Chopped Mixed Veggies


In 3 Quart Sauce Pot, Melt the butter and make a Blonde/White Roux by adding the flour, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder. Then add the Corn Syrup to thicken. Slowly add the chicken broth, constantly whisking. Add half and half, slowly, to maintain the consistency. Add veggies and salt and pepper. Simmer (don’t boil) until desired consistency (It could take a good 30 minutes to thicken.


A few tips: Feel free to  use milk, because it’s on hand, and it turns out just as good. It may take a while longer to thicken.
For veggies, buy a bag of frozen mixed veggies and chop them fine in the blender (still frozen).
ALWAYS double the recipe! Try the soup with Garlic Cheese Biscuits! Delish!

Thanks Laura! :)

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