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2011 Planner: by Artist Alex Wijnen

2 Jan

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

I’ve just finished making my list for 2011 of the things I’d like to do. I’ll be sharing them later…but for now, I’d LOVE to share with you the Planner I just bought on Etsy! I’m so excited to get it in the mail!! Alex Wijnen is an amazing Illustrator and Graphic Designer and all the artwork in this planner was custom made by him. It’s about 9.5″ x 5.5″ which I think is PERFECT to fit in my purse and be able to whip out at a moment’s notice :)


INSIDE: Room for monthly notes and daily notes!


FEBRUARY: (same as the Cover)












Dear computer…

24 Nov

ok so we’ll see just how good I do at this but I’m taking a real break from my computers and work starting today (other than a meeting I have) thru Sunday :) — with that said….


Dreaming of Traveling

12 Oct

Just a few pics from Switzerland, San Francisco and somewhere else with a pool. I’m dreaming of traveling today.

Desktop BG: SNOW!

20 Sep

ok…so since I spend most of my life in front of my little iMac who is just the best friend a designer could have…I LOVE to switch up my background as often as needed. Today, I wish it was snowing. You see…even though, we spent almost $5K on a new AC unit, our house is around 80º, however the new unit has drastically decreased our Electric Bill each month. Anyway…I am sick of the summer and want winter…hence this BEAUTIFUL background today:

Versace Phone

16 Sep

Yep, you heard it here first! It looks like Versace is making a cell phone, crazy huh!? Well it looks beautiful :)

“Versace Unique is hand-assembled in France, the face is constructed from pure high-tech ceramic or handmade lacquers delicately framed with an 18K yellow gold finish or 316L grade stainless steel inlay. The back is wrapped in the finest handcrafted leather, embossed with the Medusa head. According to the press release, the Versace Unique sapphire crystal screen is the largest single piece of this high-tech material ever produced for consumers. Impossible to scratch, smooth and receptive, it provides an ideal conductivity and precision control of the touchphone interface. Sounds pretty amazing, “impossible to scratch” that’s a must for touchscreen!” source.

Necklaces made from GLASS

12 Sep

wow…just found this little web store and had to show you guys. I’m not sure that I’d wear any of them (I’m not big into necklaces…I’m more of a big hoop-earrings kind of girl)…but I LOVE the colors and textures of them. You can find the store here.

Art: LOVE me some Kendra

11 Sep

ok…so one of my favorite artists is KENDRA :)

Seriously LOVE her style, both in painting and drawing and also in her life/wardrobe/food, etc. Check out one of my favorite painting by here below. Also PLEASE check out her shop on Etsy here.

p.s. “Office Space Saturday” is coming up later today…

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