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DIY Thursday :: Modern Chandelier

24 Mar

Ok…I’m still blown away that I could actually MAKE this awesome chandelier. I’d LOVE to put this in my new office that I’m going to have. What do you guys think? This awesome tutorial was found on Freshly Picked.




Another example:

OK…Here’s how to make it!

Start with this thrifted lamp shade. Add an extra row of wire if you’d like.

Using Brenna‘s tutorial, make + cut wax paper circles. Then sew them together on the machine.

Here is the before light. They took off the glass, obviously…

Then, install hooks to the ceiling…




DIY Thursday :: FABRIC FORT!!

18 Mar

If I was 5 again, I would LOVE this fort….ok, ok, I sorta want one now :) I could totally set up my office and be so creative in this little place! Anyway, I think if you are a mom out there…you should seriously consider making one of these. You just slip it right over your kitchen table! I found this idea on the LOVELY Ampersand Design Studio Blog.

DIY Thursday :: Flaxseed and Lavender Eye Pillows

17 Feb


Who doesn’t bend and stretch their way through yoga class for the promise of final relaxation and the eye pillow?  Its’ sheer goodness should never be underestimated. This experience is so relaxing, everyone should have one of these next to their bed. It has never failed to soothe and calm my tension and fatigue. The fresh lavender scent and the weight of the pillow feel like a cool breeze in a dark room.  Ahhhhh…..

These are so easy to make for your friends. Pair it up with a box of tea for a simple gift this holiday season.  Your friends will love you for it.

What you need:

  • one piece of fabric measuring 4″ x  19″
  • 1 bag of flaxseed (15 oz.)
  • 1 small jar of lavender essential oil
  • 1 oz. of dried lavender
  • sewing machine
  • straight pins

What you do:

1.  Pour flax seed and 1 oz. of lavender into a bowl

2.  Add one drop of lavender oil to the seeds and dried lavender, mix together

3.  Pin and stitch eye pillow fabric together, leaving the short end open

4.  Take out pins, turn right side out, fill with mixture

5. Fill enough to feel floppy and flexible, but still weighty.

6.  Fold ends under and pin and stitch closed.

7.  Tie up with a bow and give to your dearest friends.  They’ll love you for this.

Cute DIY Coffee Cup Wrappers – FREE

12 Feb

Check out these super cute Coffee Cup Wrappers from Eat Drink Chic. You can download the templates to print here.



DIY Thursday :: Wooden Keychains

10 Feb

Awhile back, Jess from the Blog “How About Orange” posted this DIY. I think it’s so easy and cute!

She found wooden disks for ten cents at a craft store and decided to see how well Sharpies would write on them. The markers bled a bit, but by varying how hard she pressed, she could control the bleed somewhat. Applying the lighter colors before sketching any black lines works best, or else the black will bleed too much. Applying a light coat of spray acrylic before drawing also stops future bleeding, but it will turn the wood a couple shades darker.

Hope you guys have fun with this!


3 Feb

Ok…so I’ve been SO badly wanting a fireplace forever now and when I saw this, I knew I had to post it!!

View Instructions here.

Daily Quick Cleaning Checklist | Real Simple

4 Nov

A dream of mine is to ONE DAY, actually have a clean house, meals prepared, my work projects on schedule, my emails replied to, and my laundry done and put away. (sigh)…..

I found this pretty sweet list of super quick cleaning ideas to help maintain a clean house. I know this blog post really isn’t much for design ideas, BUT it is a daily thing AND in my opinion, when my house is clean, I can think much better and be more creative.

The list below takes about 30 min to complete:


  • Clear out and wipe down the sink (5 minutes). No piles of dirty dishes! Move them into the dishwasher, and wipe the sink with a sponge.
  • Wipe down countertops and stove (1 minute). Clean splatters and spills with a damp cloth or sponge and an all-purpose cleanser.
  • Wipe problem spots on the floor (2 minutes). You can save a full-floor mop for the weekend, but use the same cloth (once you’ve finished with the countertops) to quickly clean any spills or sticky spots, which will attract dirt and get more noticeable if left alone.
  • Fold or hang dish towels (30 seconds). Even if they’re clean, a jumble of dish towels on the counter can look messy. Take a few moments to fold or hang them.


  • Wipe out the sink (30 seconds). If you use a premoistened cloth to wipe your face, swipe the sink bowl and faucet handles with it, too. Or use a washcloth, paper towel, or a product like Windex Glass and Surface Wipes, which don’t leave streaks on chrome or mirror.
  • Clean splatters off the mirror (15 seconds). Got foamy toothpaste spray on the mirror? Do a quick swipe with the same cloth you used on the sink.
  • Wipe the toilet seat and rim (15 seconds). Same cloth! Just do the toilet last.
  • Swoosh the toilet bowl with a brush (15 seconds). If you see a ring, give it a quick scrub.
  • Squeegee the shower door (30 seconds). Wipe down glass doors to remove water droplets that can cause spotting. No squeegee? Use a dry towel.
  • Spray the shower and curtain liner with a shower mist (15 seconds). A quick spray with a daily cleanser will reduce buildup of mildew and soap scum.


  • Make your bed (2 minutes). Even a fluffy down comforter pulled up over messy sheets will look polished.
  • Fold or hang clothes and put away jewelry (4 minutes). Even better: Resist the urge to toss them somewhere in the first place! Put them away as you take them off.
  • Straighten out the night-table surface (30 seconds). Take last night’s water glass to the kitchen, stow your reading glasses in a drawer, and straighten books or magazines.

Living Room:

  • Tidy the sofa (2 minutes). It’s likely the focus of the room, so neaten it. Fluff the pillows and fold the throws.
  • Pick up crumbs with a hand-held vacuum (1 minute). Concentrate on surfaces in plain sight: sofa cushions, coffee table, and rugs in the middle of the room. Look for dust bunnies, too.
  • Wipe tables and spot-clean cabinets where you see fingerprints (1 minute). Use a microfiber cloth or a Swiffer cloth to pick up dust. If the surfaces are streaked or sticky, use a moist cloth.
  • Straighten coffee table books and magazines (2 minutes). Toss old newspapers and corral the remote controls into one place (a drawer, if possible).
  • Clear major clutter (5 minutes). Stash video games, toys, and anything else you might trip over.

Daily Quick Cleaning Checklist | Real Simple.

DIY Thursday: Unique Autumn Wreath

28 Oct

Hey blog friends! So Elise has been posting TONS of DIY’s (Do It Yourself) on her blog, A Beautiful Mess, and I just HAVE to feature some of them on my NEW DIY Thursdays!! Also, I’ll sprinkling in some recipe posts along the way b/c recipes are also kinda DIY’s :)

This DIY was found here. (PLEASE leave a comment letting me know if you will try this and if you have tried this…I can’t wait to make one!)

All you need are scraps of fabric, ribbon and a wire hanger.

#1: Carefully unfold the wire hanger and twist it into a circle shape. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you won’t see the wire once we are done.

#2: Begin tying scraps of fabric to the wire with a simple knot. (Scraps of about 7 inches will be best).

#3: Continue tying scraps varying the color and type of material. Push the knots very close together and twist the fabric around the wire to give the wreath dimension.

#4: Once you have completely wrapped the wire, add a ribbon around the main frame and tie with a bow.

#5: It’s ready to hang on your wall for the rest of the season!

This DIY was created by Elise Blaha.

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