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Clarion Hotel Website

2 May

Below is the new design for the Branson Clarion Hotel’s Website. They have an animal print/jungle theme so we incorporated that into the design. You can check out the complete site at www.ClarionHotelBranson.com


Portfolio :: Martin Dingman Leathergoods Magalog 2011

9 Feb

I had the privilege to design the Magalog (Catalog/Magazine) for the Martin Dingman Leathergoods company. Martin Dingman Leathergoods is a company that designs and makes high-end Leather products such as bags, shoes, belts and wallets. The products can be found in Sax 5th Avenue, Nordstroms and many Boutiques through the country.

NEW Spa Catalog Design – Spring 2011

5 Feb

I had the opportunity to design the Catalog for Jordan Essentials this year. We gave it a WHOLE NEW look and moved everything around. We tried giving it a light & bright Spring fresh look.

Handbag Designer Website

11 Nov

Hey Friends, I’ve been TOTALLY M.I.A. from my blog and Facebook for the last week or two. It’s been the busiest time for me. I had no idea Fall could be so busy with projects. I just wanted to check in and post a little preview of a Website I’m almost finished with. We are hoping to officially launch it Monday!! The site is for a handbag designer out of Chicago, IL. Check it out:

Latest Book Cover Design: College Audience

13 Oct

Recently I had the opportunity to design a book cover through New Leaf Publishing for the author Ray Comfort. He focuses on Apologetics, Atheism, and how to share your Faith. He also wrote the book, The Way to the Master, with Commentary by Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains.

The Book I designed the cover for is called “The Defender’s Guide for Life’s Toughest Questions. It covers topics like:
·      If God exists, why didn’t He kill Hitler before he killed six million Jews?
·      The Bible not only condones slavery, it encourages it!
·      The Old Testament doesn’t even mention Hell. Its mythology, invented by Christians to rule by fear.

Here is the cover they chose:

Here was another of my concepts that focused more on the word “GUIDE”:

[BRAND NEW] T-Shirts that Support Helping the Orphans in Africa

6 Oct

For the past week, I’ve been working with Kari who started “Simply Love” and has a blog called My Crazy Adoption. A couple of years ago, I designed the original Simply Love Shirt and it blew up as Kari sold a TON of them to raise money to adopt her little girl from Ethiopia.

She then carried it farther to allow other families to use the design to raise money for their adoptions as well. The Simply Love shirt design has expanded to almost 20 Countries!!

The time has come to move into a new stage of Simply Love and pass on the baton of the swirly original Simply Love design and we are now offering 4 BRAND NEW designs!! Each purchase of a shirt will not only help the orphan in Africa, but you will be entered to WIN a Mission Trip with Kari to Africa!! This is a $3,100 prize!! Find out more details here.

Here are the new designs!! What do you guys think? (p.s. The shirts she is currently offering may slightly differ from what I have below.)




The “TAYLOR” Shirt:

You may purchase the shirts here.

Portfolio: Booth Design

15 Sep

Just wrapped up this HUGE project! It was super fun and I always have the BEST time working with EPC Group. I designed the Logo, Backdrop for the Booth, Sign, and each graphic on the podium. They wanted a clean, modern design using royal blues and grays.

Portfolio: Cruise Flyer

10 Sep

Today, I had the best time working on this flyer promoting a group cruise. The client wanted a clean, fresh look.

Here is the front:

Here is the Back:

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