[BRAND NEW] T-Shirts that Support Helping the Orphans in Africa

6 Oct

For the past week, I’ve been working with Kari who started “Simply Love” and has a blog called My Crazy Adoption. A couple of years ago, I designed the original Simply Love Shirt and it blew up as Kari sold a TON of them to raise money to adopt her little girl from Ethiopia.

She then carried it farther to allow other families to use the design to raise money for their adoptions as well. The Simply Love shirt design has expanded to almost 20 Countries!!

The time has come to move into a new stage of Simply Love and pass on the baton of the swirly original Simply Love design and we are now offering 4 BRAND NEW designs!! Each purchase of a shirt will not only help the orphan in Africa, but you will be entered to WIN a Mission Trip with Kari to Africa!! This is a $3,100 prize!! Find out more details here.

Here are the new designs!! What do you guys think? (p.s. The shirts she is currently offering may slightly differ from what I have below.)




The “TAYLOR” Shirt:

You may purchase the shirts here.


One Response to “[BRAND NEW] T-Shirts that Support Helping the Orphans in Africa”

  1. brandy olivo September 17, 2011 at 8:57 am #

    how much do thwy cost ?

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