Business Card Monday: Clear Cards

13 Sep

Oh man…today is flying by! I guess that’s typical for a Monday. I have several projects due today and I’m totally motivated and excited to wrap them up! I have a billboard, fashion website, book cover, design for a backdrop for a booth at an event, an ad for a guide book and a few more. Crazy day!

Anyway, I hope these awesome clear cards bring some inspiration to your day and are fun to look at! I found a printer if you want something like these. When I asked for a quote for 500 cards, they came to about $.94/card. (I only looked at one printer and didn’t compare them to anyone else.) Not too bad, in my opinion, especially b/c what are the chances of someone throwing away a plastic business card vs. a paper one?? hmmm…



One Response to “Business Card Monday: Clear Cards”

  1. Chloe April 27, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    The cassette tape style card looks really effective. It’s a perfect example of how the design of a card should be tailored exactly to the individual business.

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